Jose Luis Couoh Puc was born August 1963, in the city of Tekax, Mexico. At the age of 16 he entered into the Art school of CEDART, Merida, where he used to work with other painters.

When he was 20 he was admitted to the State Academy of Bellas Artes in Merida where he became recognized as an artist.

July 15, 1993 he was given the certificate of recognition by the Universidad Autonoma de Campeche on the occasion of the first Bienal de Pintura del Sureste "Joaquin Clausel".

As of 2007 his paintings started to travel around the world and it is therefore no surprise that his work has been included in exhibitions in Amsterdam, Paris, New York and New Delhi (India) "The Mint Green Exhibition" and received an exhibition

 in Berlin. In 2018 the Mexican Embassy in the Netherlands selected Jose Luis to take part in  "Movimiento" a group of Mexican artists based in the Netherlands.